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The Pirate's Code of FTA Management - A code of ethics for free trade agreement solicitation Duty Optimization Actions -  There are many ways to minimize your duty bill. Say What? - Understanding a few Latin phrases will help you to understand the regulations. Import Valuation Deductions - Minimizing the effect of duty increases by lowering the entered value. Buckle Up? Preparing for the dynamic trade environment in 2019. Trade Compliance Resolutions for the New Year:  An updated look at your priorities in trade compliance. Is  Your Import Supply Chain Forced Labor Free? : Recent Congressional action requires your attention! One Team, One Goal:  What do you do when your colleagues won' t support your trade compliance efforts? Thanks for Nothing :   A discussion of deceptive NAFTA origination responses. Mirror, Mirror:   What image is your trade compliance reporting flecting to your company?  Buyer Beware: The Trade Compliance Risks of Mergers and Acquisitions. It's OK to Say Nay to an FTA;  While FTA participation is a good thing, opting out is an acceptable strategy.  AD/CVD Evasion ;  With new tools at their disposal, regulators are focussing on AD/CVD evasion.  The NAFTA Opt-Out Voucher (c) (R) TM  ;  A light-hearted look at opting out of the NAFTA. 
You've Got Mail;  CBP has been sending ominous sounding informed compliance letters to importers. 
Rearranging the Basement - HTS Classification 9801.00.10 Revisions;   Learn about updates that expand this duty exemption.
2016 - The Year in Review;     An update of trade regulation changes from 2016 Export Destination Control Statement Updated;    The export DCS was updated in 2016. NAFTA - The Annual Disaster of the Forms;   Without a little education and understanding, you will prabably get NAFTA wrong.  Happy Anniversary to the Tariff Acts of 1890 and 1930;   The history of trade law has lessons for today. Minding Your Business - Trade Data Confidentiality;   Much of your import and export trade manifest data is publicly available.  The Frugal Classifier;   Resources abound to support your classification program, and they're free. Trade Compliance Matters;  As trivial as it might seem, your disciplined trade control program could foil the bad guys. Appology Accepted;    Proper use of INCOTERMS can lead to real cost savings in the supply chain.  Help Your Broker Help You;   Customhouse Brokers are only as good as the support they receive from their importing customers. What Do You Know? ;    Do you really know if your trade progarm is really compliant or do you just think it is? What Next? ;   What will happen after a contentious election where trade was  often viewed negatively. Test Your U.S. Trade IQ;    Explore your knowledge of the facts and figures associated with U.S. trade.

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Call Me Rocket J. Squirrel;  Classification is not something that can be delegated to just any trained squirrel.  The Cat & Mouse Trap:   Trade compliance is not a game. Importers are responsible for self regulating their programs. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Import Manager;   Employees have an option to blow the whistle on their non-compliant employers.  OMG I'm Choking on Alphabet Soup -ROFLOL;   Poking fun at the industry's reliance on acronyms. The Business Arguments for Investing in Trade Compliance. No More Excuses Is Your Company an Import Compliance Risk? Take the Test. NAFTA Country of Origin Certificate; Not Just Another Form. The HTS; General Rules of Interpretation Never Written (But Used Daily) The HTS; Beyond the General Rules of Interpretation The Three R's of Exporting;  An overviw of the FTR, the EAR and the ITARs Are You Still Using FOB for Container Shipping? ; The INCOTERM rule FOB is incorrect for most international shippers.  Importers Are From Venus, CustomHouse Brokers are From Mars; Part 1: The Broker's Bill of Rights Importers Are From Venus, CustomHouse Brokers are From Mars; Part 2: The Importer's Rebuttal Importers Are From Venus, CustomHouse Brokers are From Mars; Part 3: Working Strategies for Importers and Brokers Harmonized Classification: Is Your Company Exercising Reasonable Care? Socks First, Then Shoes;  HTS classification should occurr as soon as possible in the import or export supply chain.  If You Export, You Probably Import Too  Importing Is Not For Dummies;   There are no shortcuts. Understanding complex regulations takes time. Becoming the Department of "Yes";  Trade compliance often gets a negative reputation, when it should be viewed as a resource. The Compliant Organization -  Where Does Trade Compliance Belong? No Wayne, THANK YOU! - A Frontline Example of the Importance of Proactive Trade Compliance Importing Prototypes Not Child's Play; CBP Forms 28 & 29;  CBP requests for information and notices of action. What's $20 Between Friends?;   The $20 rule does not mean that an error should go uncorrected. Priority Trade Issues;   CBP routinely focusses on hot topics.  Learn what they are. Outsourcing Trade Compliance, No Passing the Buck;   While an importer may outsource trade activities, it cannot outsource resonsibility. Yes Virginia, You Really Do Have to Do Your Own HTS Classification;   Traders are responsible for establishing their own classification procedures. On the Future of Customhouse Brokers So You Want to Be a Customs Broker? Making Direct Payment to CBP, The Automated Clearing House Process Importing Basics: Country of Origin NAFTA Producer Solicitation, Part 1 - The Exporter's Conundrum NAFTA Producer Solicitation, Part 2 - The Producer's Response Import-Export Resolutions for the New Year The Informality of Importing - An overview of the informal customs entry. 2 B or Not 2 B; CBP clarifies teh use of preference criteria letters on FTA certificates of origin beyond NAFTA.  Count Your Pennies; Explore cost saving measures in your import supply chain.

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